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For teleplay specs, please include the name of the show followed by the title of the episode (ex: Veep: Election Night). For teleplay pilots, only include the name of the show.

Screenplay and Teleplay Categories

FEATURE SCREENPLAY COMPETITION - $45 thru March 27 (early deadline), $60 thru April 17 (regular deadline) $70 thru May 15 (late deadline)
** If you would like to submit one screenplay in both the Drama and Comedy categories, you will need to submit a separate online form, entry fee, and PDF for each

  • Drama Screenplay Award presented by the Writers Guild of America, East
    The category is open but not limited to feature drama scripts in genres such as historical, western, family, romance, horror, thriller, etc.

  • Comedy Screenplay Award presented by Sony Pictures Animation
    The category is open but not limited to feature comedy scripts in genres such as dark comedy, satire, family, animation, slapstick, horror, etc.

ADDITIONAL SUBMISSION CATEGORIES – requires additional $20 entry fee per award
**To be considered for these awards you must first have your screenplay entered in either the Feature Drama or Comedy categories.

  • Enderby Entertainment Award:
    The Enderby Entertainment Award category is open to feature scripts in all genres with an original concept and distinctive voice that can be independently produced under $10 million. Co-founded by Rick Dugdale and Daniel Petrie, Jr. (Beverly Hills Cop, The Big Easy), the production company acquired the 2008 AFF Finalist script Stranded (now titled Dawn Patrol) which premiered at the 2014 Festival starring Scott Eastwood and Rita Wilson.

  • The HUMANITAS Originals Award
    - Challenge us to use our freedom to grow and develop.
    - Confront us with our individual responsibility.
    - Examine the consequences of our choices.

  • Rooster Teeth:
    The Rooster Teeth Fellowship Award is open to all original comedy scripts in the feature, TV pilot, digital series, and fiction podcast categories that align with Rooster Teeth's voice: an emphasis on comedy with grounded, low budget/high concept, genre storytelling that features ordinary people in extraordinary situations, coming-of-age stories, and other engaging journeys of self-discovery.

  • Horror Award:
    The Horror Award is open to any feature horror script including dark suspense, thriller, sci-fi and macabre themes.

  • Sci-Fi Award
    Open to science fiction, fantasy, horror, surrealism, myth/legend and fantastical storytelling.

SHORT SCREENPLAY - $35 thru March 27 (early deadline), $50 thru April 17 (regular deadline) $60 thru May 15 (late deadline)
Open to any narrative short script in all genres 5 to 40 pages in length.

TELEPLAY COMPETITION - $35 thru March 27 (early deadline), $50 thru April 17 (regular deadline) $60 thru May 15 (late deadline)
Open to spec scripts for any currently airing television program AND original pilot scripts (no bibles or treatments will be accepted)

  • Drama Teleplay Pilot Award
    Open to any pilot script written in the one-hour or half-hour format for an original drama television series.

  • Comedy Teleplay Pilot Award
    Open to any pilot script written in the half-hour or one-hour format for an original comedy television series.

  • Drama Teleplay Spec Award
    Open to any spec script for a current drama television show in the one-hour or half-hour format.

  • Comedy Teleplay Spec Award
    Open to any spec script for a current comedy television show in the half-hour or one-hour format.

DIGITAL SERIES - $35 thru March 27 (early deadline), $40 thru April 17 (regular deadline) $45 thru May 15 (late deadline). Open to short-form episodic scripts intended for the web. Writers can submit 1-3 episodes of their series totaling no more than 30 pages.

PLAYWRITING - $20 thru April 17 (regular deadline) $30 thru May 15 (late deadline). Open to full-length stage plays 60-90 pages or that could reasonably be performed within 90 minutes on stage.

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Producers Badge $525 (reg $595)
Conference Badge $315 (reg $375)
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Lunch Ticket $70.00 <-- must purchase a Producers or Conference Badge with a lunch ticket
Film & Food Ticket $95.00
Pitch Ticket $25.00 <-- must purchase a Producers or Conference Badge with a pitch ticket
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Upload Screenplay file in a PDF format 5mb limit

Before uploading your script, please make sure you include the following in your PDF file:

  • A cover sheet with only the TITLE of the screenplay
  • A second title page with contact information is not required for online submissions
  • The author's name must not appear anywhere in the script in order to preserve anonymity in the judging process.
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Competition Certification
  • I/We have read all of the rules & regulations, understand, and have complied with these rules.
  • I/We warrant the submission of my/our original work and that there are no disputes regarding the ownership of the submission.
  • I/We also warrant the submitted material does not defame or invade the rights of any person living or dead. I/We indemnify the AFF against any claim made for such violations of law.
  • To the best of my/our knowledge, all the statements herein are true and correct.
  • I/We understand that failure to adhere to the competition rules and regulations will result in disqualification and forfeiture of entry fee.
  • I/We acknowledge that once an entry payment has been processed, AFF will not provide a refund
  • If a badge was purchased along with the entry fee, I/We acknowledge that I/we have reviewed the Refund Policy.
  • I/We agree to hold the AFF harmless from and defend them against all claims, demands, losses, damages, judgments, liabilities, and expenses (including attorney’s fees) arising out of or in connection with any and all claims of third parties, whether or not groundless, based on any screenplay/film/play submitted to the AFF or on any screenplay/film/play developed out of such submission.
  • No revisions will be accepted once entry has been received.
  • I/We understand the Reader Notes that may be provided for my/our script are complimentary, do not require an additional fee, and are not a required part of my/our entry fee in the competition.
  • By entering the competition, I/we understand my e-mail address will be added to AFF's e-mail list.

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